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Madeira's Levadas

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of water

These watercourses built over five centuries to supply the villages, agricultural plantations, and gardens on the slopes and valleys of Madeira are monumental engineering work. They consist of a complex system of open channels in the rock, whose objective is to drive rainwater from the most remote points of the island, irrigating the most diverse agricultural crops. Accompanied by narrow paths, which are called terraces, the levadas stretch along the coast of Madeira for about 2000 km.

If you really want to get to know the island of Madeira, these ingenious waterways are your best guide: they allow you to discover places of extreme beauty, impossible to access otherwise. Also ensure that, in the end, you will need to mark a foot massage. Especially if you try to get to know them all.

Currently, the levadas are used for several purposes:

- for irrigation of crops; agricultural use (its primary function); 
- for the production of electricity; 
- for walking and nature watching.

Walking Routes