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Swimming Pool & SPA

Spend the day with us and pamper yourself away, this package is the perfect way to indulge yourself for a day.

Full day 

Breakfast; Full access to the pool and relaxation area; 2 cocktails & Brunch - € 95.00

Half Day

Breakfast; Full access to the pool and relaxation area & 2 cocktails - € 65.00

Pool & Afternoon tea 

Pool and afternoon tea; Full access to the pool and relaxation area - maximum 3 hours - € 55,00

Pool & Photoshoot 

Full access to the pool and relaxation area; 5 photos by a professional photographer and edited - € 150,00
Work + Swimming Pool Half Day 

Work area with WIFI connection; full access to the pool and relaxation area, coffee & water -  45,00 EUR


Massage whole body - Adequate to your body's needs.

Especially for you - A perfect combination of different relaxation, therapeutic, and sporting techniques. It may include foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, treatment of contractures, stretching, and Reiki.

120min - 95€ 

Massage and lymphatic drainage - legs, trunk, and/or upper limbs

The main benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage are:

Promotes the release of water retention, improves blood circulation, fights against cellulite and overall body relaxation.

90min - 1 treatment - 95 euros

Pack of 5 treatments, offer of the 5th treatment.

Foot Reflexology

Is a manual therapy that uses massage and pressure techniques on certain points of the feet, which are energetically connected to other areas and organs in the body to be treated. Reflexology activates the organs, improves energetic, lymphatic, vein circulation and strengthens the immune system.

60 min- 80€

Holi-Body Harmony

By combining massage with a Reiki session, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual will be worked on, thus enhancing the benefits inherent in each of the therapies. The session begins with a massage, which will relieve tensions and muscle aches as well as stress, thus allowing for greater relaxation.

The second phase is a Reiki session that will enhance all the benefits of massage by balancing and harmonizing the body's energy system, giving a feeling of peace, comfort, and deep relaxation. Emotions are rebalanced by reducing anxiety and helping to bring awareness of yourself and everything around you.

Full body

110min - 70 €

Massage and Reiki

Candle Massage

The candle massage uses a special wax prepared with essential and aromatic oils. It is extremely relaxing and its gentle, delicate or deep movements combine some benefits provided by the soft tissue kneading. Its main objective is the deep relaxation of the recipient, the recovery of emotional stability, relief from tension, stress and feeling comfortable. Candle massage favors greater skin hydration while preventing stretch marks and sagging.

Full body

60min - 60 €


25min -40 €

Back, shoulders and neck

Reiki Therapy

It is a Japanese harmonization / natural healing technique that aims to realign the flow of life energy that encompasses all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Bringing a greater energy balance to the body causes stress relief and anxiety reduction, produces a profound effect of relaxation and well-being, comfort, balance and inner peace. Reiki has also been integrated as a complementary therapy in hospitals because of its benefits in eliminating or reducing the side effects of drugs (eg minimizing some of the side effects of chemotherapy), eliminating toxins, and increasing the body's defenses by stimulating the immune system.

Full body

60min - 45 €


Equilibrium & Hanshin Candle Massage

Subtly, smoothly and harmoniously balancing our energy body and our physical, emotional, and mental body is what we want with this program. We start with a harmonization of the chakras through the application of Reiki. Subsequently, without “cutting off” the energy channeling, we perform candle massage all over the body with gentle and gentle movements. When energy balance occurs, all other benefits are enhanced with relaxation, relief from anxiety, tension, and stress, providing a deep sense of well-being.

Full body

80min - 80 €

This program is identical to the Equilibrium program, differing in the area in which candle massage is applied, in the areas with the highest tension and stress (back, shoulders and neck).


50mins - 75 €

Back, shoulders and neck

Body sensations

The aim of this program is for the client to have a mix of sensations, resulting not only from the use of the therapist's hands but also from the use of bamboos, which adapt to body shapes, serving as an extension of the therapist's fingers.

The combination of the two massages allows greater stimulation for the release of fluid retained in the body, such as toxins and metabolic waste. As well as increased muscle toning and relief from body tensions.

Full body

90mins - 80 €

Bamboo therapy

Optimal therapeutic conduct in the treatment of cellulite, sagging and localized fat by presenting modeling, relaxing, energetic and draining characteristics, tones the muscles and revitalizes the skin. In addition to being performed for aesthetic purposes, it is also indicated for stress relief, body and mind relaxation.

Full body

60min - 60 €


30-40min. - 40 €

Back and legs

Relaxation Massage

Relaxing massage that provides immediate well-being improves blood circulation thus reducing tension and muscle aches as well as stress and anxiety. It also provides improved sleep.

Full body

60min - 50 €



25 mins - 30 €

Back, shoulders and neck



25 mins - 30 €

Legs and feet